Who we are


Company mission:


The creation of an online third party peer-to-peer marketplace and network where hosts can post their property listings for short or long term rentals and where guests can book and pay for their accommodation. The company’s main income derives from commissions for each paid booking made on its website.


Name of the company: HSH SA

Established: 21.01.2014.

No ref: 01599/2014

N° fed: CH-660.0.271.014-2

IDE: CHE-485.391.076

Address: Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett 2C, 1219 Le Lignon

Website: www.homeswisshome.ch  

Owner and administrator: Kilian Zenko Riviera                  

                                                                              tel.: +41 78 606 26 32

                                                                              e-mail: kilian@homeswisshome.ch