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19 febbraio 2021

How do I rent a cottage in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the best destinations for nature lovers. A holiday with family, friends or a couple in sight? Then you should wonder how to rent a cottage in switzerland? This country offers you an environment conducive to relaxation and various activities. In the centre of Europe, its mountainous landscape in all its splendour is accessible to France. In order to enjoy this paradise, how to find the perfect holiday home?

Where to stay in Switzerland?

Why go to Switzerland for a holiday?

As in all countries with high tourist traffic, Switzerland has several star-studded hotels. However, living close to nature will give you an unforgettable experience. There are many wooden houses in the area. They are even typical of the region. Renting a chalet in Switzerland will place you in a Scandinavian setting, worthy of a postcard. In addition, you will enjoy the calm and serenity of the mountains.

If you want an original home, you can also find perched huts. It will remind you of your childhood. These houses give a cocooning atmosphere. This way, back from your hectic activities, you can warm up by the fireplace fire in a warm place.

In Switzerland, you are rarely at the end of your surprises. During a winter stay, you can live in an igloo. It’s a great experience to note in his list of things to do before you die. Its counterpart, the Indian teepee, is an excellent summer alternative for camping enthusiasts.

Switzerland is the place of choice for great adventurers. The most popular activity is of course on the hike. Professionals and amateurs can climb the mountains in different resorts. You have a multitude of interesting alternatives, including the Bernese Alps and the Gastlosen range. But these courses require excellent physical ability and good training. For beginners, there are many other easier trails.

In summer, swimming is the order of the day. After cooling off, you can admire the beautiful translucent lakes. But you can also indulge in water activities such as canoeing, pedaloing, or water skiing.

In this way, winter activities are a great success in Switzerland. Relaxing skiing is a must. However, you can go on a sled-drawn ride. You can also indulge in sledging and biathlon.

rent a cottage in Switzerland

How do I find a chalet in Switzerland?

A decade ago, it would have been difficult to find transitional accommodation in a foreign country. Nowadays, the internet has made it easier to find a holiday home. Indeed, there are many temporary housing comparators. You can go through specialized sites to find a chalet in Switzerland.

To do this, you enter your destination whether in the Canton of Jura, in the Plateau region, or in the alpine mountains. Then you select the dates of your stay, and the number of holidaymakers. The site will offer you the most relevant results. You will then find the transitional chalets at the best price. You can make your reservation directly on the website that will put you in touch with your host.


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