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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

June 29, 2020 by mymybyrd

Dear Landlords and Tenants, You will find herebelow All main answers to your HomeSwissHome FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

However, if you have any further requests, feel free to contact us by email, message or phone.

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In register/login is mandatory to send a booking request.

There are several important reasons for which we designed the theme to work this way (and why other major reservation websites like airbn, homeaway etc do the same)

– First of all, not wanting to register to  send a booking is like wanting to have an email account without a way to identify yourself. And without registration, who will receive confirmation, who will receive invoices, messages or more important cancellation messages?

– Secondly, if someone makes a reservation and doesn’t remember the dates, price or other info, how to check that info as admin?

– Thirdly, how someone who rents is able to get in touch with the owner? Right now the owner details are available after a confirmed booked and only for the user who makes that booking. If you don’t have an account, contact info cannot be shown.

– Another issue is related to payment – how to identify the user who pays the admin fee? What if he is doing fraud?

And these are just some of the issues that would happen without registration.

Besides that, no user who wants to book a room will leave because they need to have an account.

No one is comfortable to make a payment without having access to the reservation info, payment info and a way to communicate.

Also, the only way for the admin to check the communication between the 2 parties to make sure they are not doing business without you, and that can happen only if they use the internal message system – which requires registration.

Users get the automated password by email

1 Fill up the short form: The form looks like this:

  • choose a username
  • write your email
  • -> you can choose if you want to book only or if you want to submit a property and book (depending of your choice, you will get a different dashboard)
  • -> you have to agree with the terms
  • -> there is a security check though reCaptcha
  • -> click on “create your account”

2 Check your email for the generated password (security check of the veracity of your email)

3 Come back to the LOGIN on -> enter your username & the password -> click on LOGIN

Note: you can customize your password: See the question: “How do I customize my password?”

User can change his password from MY PROFILE. After the password is changed, he must login again.

You find the functionalities at the bottom of your PROFILE page:

The user that will tick “I want to submit my property” (when he SIGN UP) will have full User dashboard pages and will be able to submit properties and book other clients properties.
The limitation for I only want to book is just for property submission.

Dashboard of the user who wants to book and submit a property:
-> profile / password
-> my listing
-> add new listing
-> favorites
-> reservations
-> bookings
-> inbox
-> log out

Dashboard of the user who wants to book a property: 
-> profile / password
-> favorites
-> reservations
-> inbox
-> log out

Note: Its not possible to submit a property if you choose the dashboard of a user who only wants to book a property!

If you start as a user who only wants to book and then you change your mind and want to submit a property, you must create a new account and choose to be a user who wants to submit a property & book.

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HomeSwissHome FAQ Main infos about HomeSwissHome:

Why Home Swiss Home?

Above all, we have an exclusive network in switzerland at the level of property owners as well as people who seek to rent; Because of this main reason, landlords and future tenants will enjoy our services.

Which kind of properties can we rent and book on HomeSwissHome?

HomeSwissHome website got the options of daily rentals and hourly rentals. To satisfy a maximum of users,  the listings can be submitted and filtered by rental types:

Filter the listings by categories of properties or by destinations. = Easy way to use the Home Swiss Home plateforme.

  • We have a wide range of accommodation and Swiss destinations that will satisfy your desires, needs and budget.We are particularly specialized in swiss chalet rentals but also offer all types of accommodation such as apartments, villas, studios, hotel rooms, dorms, atypical places like a night on a boat…
  • To help you celebrate, will facilitate your search for a place corresponding to your type of event.
  • You can find office places like co working places, private desks, shared office… To be flexible, creative and focused, desks, offices, meeting and training rooms are listed by hourly rentals.

Loads of tips just for you: to make your stay in switzerland memorable

We use our Swiss network to inform you about best ideas and advices to facilitate your stay in switzerland. Therefore, the HomeSwissHome blog gather all informations we are seeking for you every day. 

Maybe you are looking for a gate-away weekend somewhere in switzerland, a professional place to work like a shared office, a co-working space or a private desk or maybe you would like to find a splendide place to organise a corporate or private event.

In addition of the listings, we give you advices regarding: “swiss destinations”,  “original place to eat or place to buy some food”, contacts ” to rent a boat or book a boat trip”, some “unusual activities” to have even more fun during your trip in switzerland. However if you have any extra requests, feel free to contact us by email, message or by phone.