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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

June 29, 2020 by mymybyrd

Dear Landlords and Tenants, You will find herebelow All main answers to your HomeSwissHome FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

However, if you have any further requests, feel free to contact us by email, message or phone.

HomeSwissHome Switzerland rentals Home Swiss Home FAQ Frequently Asked Questions tips for owner

Book a property

Enable Instant booking for each property.

Access the front end dashboard.

Go to My Properties -> Add / Edit property -> Description settings.

By default the option for Instant Booking is un-checked. Check the option and save the modifications.


A user sends a booking request and must pay the admin fee instantly for the booking to be confirmed.

After payment is done, booking is confirmed and a user is redirected to My Reservations to check the reservation details.

Instant Booking without login required first

If WOOCommerce is enable for payments and use Instant Booking, the payment for deposit will be processed instantly and user will not have to login first.

Category: Book a property

a. Registration / Login step

Users must login. OR they must register in front end in order to submit a booking request. Login/Register can be done from header menu.

Users must login / register in order to submit their properties. This is mandatory for their contact info to be saved and displayed accordingly with properties published under their name.

b. Send a booking request (if instant booking was not set by the owner)

After that they will select the start date and end date in the booking form. The system will check the availability dates and if the property is free for rent it would display the price calculations considering the various price options the user set up . If everything is ok the user can push the book button again.

c. Owner approves or rejects the request

After the booking request was made the property owner receives a notification that a booking request was made for one of his listings. He will go into admin area – my bookings page – and check the request. If everything is ok he will issue an invoice for the user that made the request.

d. Admin fee payment

The user that initiate the booking will now receive the message that a invoices is issued and he needs to pay the downpayment value in order to confirm the booking. He will go  to  – My Reservations page and pay the invoice via Stripe or Paypal. When the invoice is paid the booking will be confirmed and the dates will be blocked in the listing calendar.

e. Cancel Approved Booking 

Property owner can delete confirmed bookings as well.

Category: Book a property

Great features for landlords

I want to rent my space on a short-term basis per day or per hour:

  • short term rentals (homestay, hotel, boat, dorms…)
  • office spaces (shared, private, co-working…)
  • event places (conference room, atypical place, bar, restaurant…)

+ In addition, I want to benefit from the welcome offers for the first 30 announcements posted on
=> Therefore I post my ads on HomeSwissHome

In short, Our welcome offers are as follows:

  • HomeSwissHome official launch party invitations
  • Advantageous proposals by our professional partners to produce a promotional video of your properties for rent
  • Ads placed at the top of the list for 6 months from their publication dates
  • The first 3 reservations will be paid in full without service charges
  • Link exchange and blog post if you own a website
  • Other privileges to come

Above all, We are grateful for your participation in the launch of the HomeSwissHome platform and look forward to reading your first announcements and comments. Do not hesitate to contact us by email:

Warm regards,
HomeSwissHome Team

As a property owner, there is the possibility to manually add a discount to total invoice, as well as adding custom invoice elements.

These are available as shown in this screenshot:


Each owner can enable EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for each property by selecting the value of discount and the number of days in advance.

Submit a property -> Description page -> Price page

In below example: owner gives a 10% discount if bookings are made 60 days in advance.

There is the option for the admin to verify Owners. We recommend that you take the necessary steps to have this status because it gives confidence to your potential tenants.

After the Owner registers, in My Profile page he will have the option to UPLOAD AN ID SCAN.

The Owner will need to upload an image -> The admin will be notified via email -> and will need to go to admin-Users to validate the user ID => On Owner profile, the status Verified will be displayed .

On, you have the option to rent a place by hour. This option is usually chosen for the workspace or event places.

By submitting your property, at the “prices” page, you will have the choice of offering your rental by the hour or by night.
The page is pre-selected with the option “per night”. If you want to select the “per hour” option,
choose “per hour” in the dropdown of the first line of the “prices” page -> then click on SAVE at the bottom of the page so that all the fields on the page are updated “by hour” rather than “by night”

Important to know is that there are 3 limitations for hourly booking.

a. All In one calendar works only for “DAYS”, not hourly bookings. Only days will show in that calendar and you can add manual bookings only for “days”

b. The custom price period will work for “DAYS”, not for hours.

c. Advanced search will work for days, not for hours. But when you want to book, you can choose on the calendar “per hour”.


The HomeSwissHome page generates for you the link displays in your calendar section, once active you can export the booking data into other websites like or

To export your calendar data you should copy that url (for ex and paste it into the 3rd party website. Below is a screen capture with the airbnb import feature. This is where you should post the link and airbnb will read the booking data from your website and synchronize it with the the their version of the listing’.

Note: the iCalendar link will export data in ics format which is non readable by web browsers.


In the calendar section, you need to paste the external feed of the iCalendar. Once you hit save the first synchronization is made and data gets imported. There is also a cron job that will check the feed every 3h hours for the new info. If you want to manually trigger the synchronisation just push save again.

The feed you paste in there is created by other 3rd party websites. In the image below you see the feed from

The external booking data will appear in the calendar page with a special purple label (bookings made on your website will be in the green label). It would show either the external source (like Airbnb) or external (in cases like Homeaway – because they don’t add the name in the UID parameter in iCalendar feed).

 Import multiple feeds

This option allows you to add feeds from multiple platforms (like Airbnb,HomeAway etc at the same time)

How to get to the Calendar Tab:

To import or export your datas, you need to get the Calendar Tab: When you submit a property, on the page “Calendar” you will find the option: ICAL FEED.

Go to user dashboard – my properties – edit property:

And then to Calendar Tab:

How to import hourly bookings using ICalendar

Get the Ical url from a platform that has option to add hourly bookings and add it to  Calendar Tab.

The iCalendar Feature is a way to synchronize your listing reservation data with other websites. For example, you published several properties on your WPRentals website but to maximize their exposure you also added them to Now the challenge is to mark as busy (in wprentals site) the dates that are booked on And vice versa: marked as busy on Airbnb the dates booked on WPRentals sites.

The Icalendar page is not actually a page that you would use to display information for the users. The page you will create will be used only by 3rd party websites (like Airbnb or HomeAway) to read your calendar details.

Note if you access the page directly you would see only an error message. This is ok – this is how it should function. After you created the page you can go to the add property/edit property page and go to the Calendar Section in user dashboard. The export/import options are there.

You get the visual from your user dashboard -> All in one calendar:

Great features for tenants

Review button is available the next day AFTER booking confirmed END DATE. -> go to your dashboard -> my reservations

Reviews show on Property Page and on Owner page => write about all points regarding the property and the owner within the same review.

Reviews will be published instantly. The review status in User Dashboard changes on page refresh.

If you have an unwanted review, please contact us -> we will moderate your review if we decide that your request is relevant.

On, you have the option to rent a place by hour. This option is usually chosen for the workspace or event places.

The booking process is exactly the same than for a daily rental. The only difference is that on the advanced search, you will need to look for a day -> then you select your property -> on the property page, on the booking form, you can select the hours of your choice.

Add favorites

Users (who are registered) can save favorite properties.

1° Click on the heart on the property ads that you like

2° And see your favorites in your dashboard

Remove favorites

You can remove in 2 ways:

1° Go to your dashboard -> Favorites -> Click on “remove from favorites” on the property that you wish to remove from your list.

2° Find on the website the property you wish to remove from your favorites -> Click again on the heart -> it will be removed from your list.

Log in / Sign in

In register/login is mandatory to send a booking request.

There are several important reasons for which we designed the theme to work this way (and why other major reservation websites like airbn, homeaway etc do the same)

– First of all, not wanting to register to  send a booking is like wanting to have an email account without a way to identify yourself. And without registration, who will receive confirmation, who will receive invoices, messages or more important cancellation messages?

– Secondly, if someone makes a reservation and doesn’t remember the dates, price or other info, how to check that info as admin?

– Thirdly, how someone who rents is able to get in touch with the owner? Right now the owner details are available after a confirmed booked and only for the user who makes that booking. If you don’t have an account, contact info cannot be shown.

– Another issue is related to payment – how to identify the user who pays the admin fee? What if he is doing fraud?

And these are just some of the issues that would happen without registration.

Besides that, no user who wants to book a room will leave because they need to have an account.

No one is comfortable to make a payment without having access to the reservation info, payment info and a way to communicate.

Also, the only way for the admin to check the communication between the 2 parties to make sure they are not doing business without you, and that can happen only if they use the internal message system – which requires registration.

Users get the automated password by email

1 Fill up the short form: The form looks like this:

  • choose a username
  • write your email
  • -> you can choose if you want to book only or if you want to submit a property and book (depending of your choice, you will get a different dashboard)
  • -> you have to agree with the terms
  • -> there is a security check though reCaptcha
  • -> click on “create your account”

2 Check your email for the generated password (security check of the veracity of your email)

3 Come back to the LOGIN on -> enter your username & the password -> click on LOGIN

Note: you can customize your password: See the question: “How do I customize my password?”

User can change his password from MY PROFILE. After the password is changed, he must login again.

You find the functionalities at the bottom of your PROFILE page:

The user that will tick “I want to submit my property” (when he SIGN UP) will have full User dashboard pages and will be able to submit properties and book other clients properties.
The limitation for I only want to book is just for property submission.

Dashboard of the user who wants to book and submit a property:
-> profile / password
-> my listing
-> add new listing
-> favorites
-> reservations
-> bookings
-> inbox
-> log out

Dashboard of the user who wants to book a property: 
-> profile / password
-> favorites
-> reservations
-> inbox
-> log out

Note: Its not possible to submit a property if you choose the dashboard of a user who only wants to book a property!

If you start as a user who only wants to book and then you change your mind and want to submit a property, you must create a new account and choose to be a user who wants to submit a property & book.

Submit property / Listing management

First you will have to login from

Secondly you will have to follow 7 easy steps: (After Mandatory fields are filled in, you will be allowed to click on “CONTINUE” to get the access to the other pages. The SAVE button will need to be clicked after every edit from now on – from every page to automatically go to the next page)

Thirdly, we deeply recommend you to fill up properly your profile (Download your identity card to facilitate the verification of your person by our moderators. The validation of your ad will be published online more quickly.)

  • Step1: Description
  • Step 2: Price + Price calendar

The calendar will not be displayed correctly on resolution lower than 1200px (because of lack of space). Please do not use this feature on mobile devices.

In price details, you can set different price values. Prices can be per night or per hour. Read more in our FAQ: ” how to set a hourly booking?”

  1. Price per night should exist for every property (for users to be able to book the property accurately).
  2. Users can set a custom price per night, if user books more than 7 days (meaning 8 or more) and less than 30 days.
  3. Users can set a 2nd custom price per night, if user books more than 30 days.
  4. Users can also set a custom price per night (different than the above) using the price calendar.
  5. Price per weekend (Saturday and Sundays) in CHF (only numbers)
  6. You can set an early bird discount
  7. A security deposit can be chosen. It will be kept by HomeSwisshome and refunded to the tenants 1 day after the stay if no complain from the owner.
  8. Check City Fee applies per night
  9. Check Cleaning Fee applies per night
  10. Minimum days of booking (only numbers)
  11. Extra Price per guest per night in CHF and check Allow guests above capacity?
  12. Allow only bookings starting with the check in on the specific day of the week OR Allow only bookings with the check in/check out on a specific day of the week.
  13. Check to  Pay by the no of guests (all room prices will NOT be used anymore and billing will be done by guest no only)
  14. You can add customized extra options
  15. You an adjust prices directly on the calendar. To set custom price click the beginning date and end date (2 clicks) 
  • Step 3: Images (and video)
you can re-order images in submit with drag and drop.
NOTE: Drag and drop applies only for web (not mobile devices)

To add videos, we strongly recommend to contact us. Our professionals will produce for you a very attractive video of your property. You get a discount on the service as a member of HomeSwissHome.

  • Step 4: Details

Each user can add custom fields from Submit Form for each listing.

  • Step 5: Location

Write the address of your property -> Click on the button “Place pin with address” => the latitude and longitude will automatically be found ( you can as well wrote them manually if you want to)

Note: The property location is hidden until the booking is confirmed.

  • Step 6: Amenities
  • Step 7: Calendar

To block dates in calendar you can use one of these 4 ways:

-> Add bookings manually from Calendar

-> Its possible to delete booked periods

-> You can mark dates as booked from All In One calendar as well

-> Import an ICAL feed with booked days (from Airbnb, Google Calendar etc)

Add bookings manually from Calendar

Go to Dashboard -> My listings (Properties) -> Edit Property -> Calendar

-> Select booking dates by clicking on the dates (selection is red):

  1. you click on the first date of the period you wish to mark as booked
  2. you click on the last date of this period
  3. you can add a note
  4. you save

=>Booked dates are blocked in the calendar, and in front end booking form

How the booked dates look in the booking form:

Delete booked period

You can mark dates as booked from All In One calendar

Go to Dashboard -> All in one calendar -> select the first and last days of the period you wish to mark as booked

-> Select the option: “Mark days as booked”. All in one calendar owner form looks like this:

Import an ICAL feed with booked days (from Airbnb, Google Calendar etc)

see question: How to import an Ical feed?

Edit your listed property -> Go to the “Images” page or Submit a new property -> fill up the “description” page -> go to the “Images” page


  • – Header Property Slider is set to be wide 100% and max height 450px – the image will be resized to screen size. Add landscape images. For example, in our demo, we have 1920 x 1280 images for featured images. This fits nicely on large screen resolutions. 
  • – The rest of the image attached to post can be the size you wish. All images will be listed in a gallery with Fancy Box gallery. This gallery is triggered on click (click on the featured image or click on image thumbs)
  • All images sizes should look the same in your dashboard, otherwise modify their sizes.


You can re-order images in submit with drag and drop.

NOTE: Drag and drop applies only for web (not mobile devices)

The featured image is the first image in property unit, and in property slider.

You can add up to 10 images.

Property Page Slider

The property will show all the images uploaded to that property in a slider.

You can add a video

We deeply recommend to use our service to create a professional video of your property. We offer to our customers some special discounts if they want to add value to their property with a video done by professionals.

To set up the prices options for a new property: you go to “Submit a property” -> you fill up the description page -> you save -> then you access to the “Price” page.

To modify the prices options for a listed property: you go to “My listings” -> you click on “Edit Property” on the property you want to edit -> you select the page “Price / Price calendar”.

Default Price Settings details:

Price per night
  • Price per night MUST exist for every property.
Price per night for 7n+ or 30n+
  • Users can set a custom price per night if user books more than 7 days (meaning 7 or more) and less than 30 days.
  • Users can set a 2nd custom price per night if user books more than 30 days.
If you set weekend price, it will override 7d+ price or 30d+ price (so custom daily price will calculate only for week days)
To have 7d+ or 30d+ globally, the weekend price must be empty.
Taxes in %

Taxes in % (taxes are considered included in the daily price).

Custom Period Price Options

IMPORTANT: The custom price set will overwrite the main price, price for 7+ days and for 30+ days. Once you have set custom price as explained above, this will be the price that will apply regardless of the number of booked days !!!

Price adjustments for a certain period are done from the same window.

You just need to double click on the date you want to customize => a window will open with the options to set up your custom price (see screenshot below).

Cleaning Fee
  • You can select Cleaning Fee calculation per night, per guest or per night and guest
  • The cleaning fee will be paid to the owner. On the invoice it will show that the cleaning fees are deducted from the earning as the earning is considered to be the price per night or per hour of the property.
City Fee
  • You can select City Fee calculation per night, per guest or per night and guest
  • You can also select City Fee to be a % of price per night
 Minimum days of booking (only numbers)
  • The minimum number of days applies for any booking request. You can override this value from Price Adjustments.
Security Deposit

Security Deposit, is not mandatory. The owner can choose or not to add it. It will be added to the bill that the tenant will have to pay to book the property.

NOTE: The security deposit will be kept by HomeSwissHome and refunded to the tenant if no complaints are received from the owner. 
Early Bird Discount – in % from the price per night

You can set discount in % and the number of days in advance for discount to apply.

NOTE: The number of days means discount applies when the booking is made before those x days (or more days) in advance.
Pay by Guest options:
  • Extra Price per guest per night in … and check to Allow guests above capacity?
  • Check to Pay by the no of guests (all room prices will NOT be used anymore and billing will be done by guest no only)
Manage Turn Over days

Allow only bookings starting with the check in on a specific day of the week OR Allow only bookings with the check in/check out on a specific day of the week.

Extra Options

Add in booking form other options. You can select Option Name, Option Value (fixed number) and Option Calculation (fixed fee, by night, by guest or by night and guest)

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HomeSwissHome FAQ Main infos about HomeSwissHome:

Why Home Swiss Home?

Above all, we have an exclusive network in switzerland at the level of property owners as well as people who seek to rent; Because of this main reason, landlords and future tenants will enjoy our services.

Which kind of properties can we rent and book on HomeSwissHome?

HomeSwissHome website got the options of daily rentals and hourly rentals. To satisfy a maximum of users,  the listings can be submitted and filtered by rental types:

Filter the listings by categories of properties or by destinations. = Easy way to use the Home Swiss Home plateforme.

  • We have a wide range of accommodation and Swiss destinations that will satisfy your desires, needs and budget.We are particularly specialized in swiss chalet rentals but also offer all types of accommodation such as apartments, villas, studios, hotel rooms, dorms, atypical places like a night on a boat…
  • To help you celebrate, will facilitate your search for a place corresponding to your type of event.
  • You can find office places like co working places, private desks, shared office… To be flexible, creative and focused, desks, offices, meeting and training rooms are listed by hourly rentals.

Loads of tips just for you: to make your stay in switzerland memorable

We use our Swiss network to inform you about best ideas and advices to facilitate your stay in switzerland. Therefore, the HomeSwissHome blog gather all informations we are seeking for you every day. 

Maybe you are looking for a gate-away weekend somewhere in switzerland, a professional place to work like a shared office, a co-working space or a private desk or maybe you would like to find a splendide place to organise a corporate or private event.

In addition of the listings, we give you advices regarding: “swiss destinations”,  “original place to eat or place to buy some food”, contacts ” to rent a boat or book a boat trip”, some “unusual activities” to have even more fun during your trip in switzerland. However if you have any extra requests, feel free to contact us by email, message or by phone.